The Fresh Substance Mixtape 1​.​5

by Brutally Honest

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Amended version of the Original Mixtape released on 11.10.09


released November 10, 2009



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Brutally Honest

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Track Name: Age Of Machine
welcome to the age of machine,
I rage against it, no pun intended,
i stay lamented, you stay pretendin
while your children lay demented, contorted
by misreported stories, fate has entered
misguided allegories
while we swallow these hallowed 40's,
it rains it pours, say no more, the sane is bored
insanes adored, chain the doors,
welcome to the mind fuck, the brain is yours
time's up
they feign for more,
give em a fresh sponge
let em stack those carbon copy houses for a little less grunge
bow your knees on the church pew to the little blessed son
being good can save you, but its a little less fun,
the rest run out the back of the house
catch a pressed gun, boom, out the back of your mouth
Evolution, looms, now its back to the drought
I have a confession, Doom, is back for a bout
cause when the machine's take over,
and the people stop taking,
those lower paying jobs cause the wages they be making
and everyone's got a degree, but it don't mean shit
inflate our wage a little more, if you dont we quit
and those machines, that are doin our jobs now,
are overseen by more machines, oh we doin it hard now
you either upper managment or your homeless and broke
we let the tree grow and this poem is the rope

we rise, and we fall
we rise, and we fall
we rise, and we fall
they rise, now we fall

welcome to,
the age in which your welcome to
anything we can help you to,
let me help you choose
cause when you die you cant bring money to hell with you
you dont want to burn it here, to hell with you
smell the truth, cook it up in baking soda
let that crack rock keep you down so we can take you over
we got a million things that we can break you over
this go below the dirt, let me take you lower
down, down, down, where the fake dont show up
in fact we create the fake so the can make you slow up
we analyze you, in order to misguide you,
and the funny thing is you dont even realize you,
became a legalized product of our teaching
we keep you fried if you ain't the product we were seeking,
you got two choices, hear our voices, and if you choose to block em out, welcome to the slaughter house
Track Name: Quote the Raven
one button push from a mass explosion
a nuclear reactor with a cracked avulsion
a nucleaus of factors where the tracks are pulsin
back packs full of smack all wrapped in lotion
a mouth full of words that attract commotion
a house full of herds but they lack devotion
impact emotions, distracted motions,
misguided media infection, so I jacked the potion
created the antidote, the notion,
for anti hope errosion,
anti focused spokens hope isn't given, hope is chosen
I breathe fire on the rope so the rope isn't frozen
string it around and around till it chokes from both ends
and stand both feet planted where the slippery slope ends
deboxin options while im grippin the hope pen
breathe toxins often bile drippin from broken
veins like water manes, all correded from the sea salt
willing to die in vain devoted to the people
they heard the explosion now their loaded in the steeple
crosses drawn on their forehead coated them with evil
took my pen out and wrote it in the tree folds
stuck it in my back pocket and beholded through the people
the arrival of the bible and the hope enslaved them
survival was in denial, so I quote the raven

he was suppossed to save them

but when asked he said quote the raven

the black cloud arrived, cracked loud and fried
the church bells till the smacked down inside
broke the chains suspending the fallen savior
the priest opened the floor boards intending to crawl in later
he spoke empassioned defending the gods behavior
and in fashion to his actions he pretended to call his maker
holy father who art in heaven,
you rewards those with faith from the fate of our darkest brethren
we hear you, you've marked your presence
we do not deserve to bathe in flames for we've embarked in essence
on the path that was hand scribed than transcribed and altered
many are just vultures, but we have never faltered
we have crossed many boundries, embraced many cultures
we have lost many foundries, but placed many sculptures
many have tasted the tip of the sword,
only to rise thru the skies to the hip of the lord,
enlightened eyes electrified by the grip of the cord
we drank your blood from the lip of the poured, cup
felt a rush through our veins of your omnipotent force
riding through the clouds on a magnificent horse
but this is where the vision contorts,
among the followers was a division of sorts,
a man arose from his knees and stood up on the church pew
and despite all of the noise his voice seemed to blurt thru
if there indeed is a god, I find it odd heard you
and was influenced to review our incumbent curfew
the priest tried to retort, but his throat just caved in
a spirit flew in screamin quote the raven
they hoped forever for the ghost to save them
but it spoke never more, quote the raven